Breastfeeding Notes


Growth spurts occur around two weeks, six weeks and three months. You will notice that the baby wants to feed a lot for 48 hours or so. This is how they increase your milk supply.

You will feel that there is not much milk there, but remember that the baby’s get lots of hind milk, which is high in fat, at this time. The fat milk is what makes them feel full, grow and go off to sleep.

Rest as much as possible. Drink lots of water. Change sides every 10 minutes or so to encourage more let downs.


A Blocked milk duct can cause red, tender lumps or a painful swelling in your breast like a bruised feeling. This can occur if your breasts are too full and ducts are not drained properly. It often precedes a breast infection (mastitis).

Feed the baby frequently from the sore breast. Try to get the baby’s chin pointing to the sore area.

Check the baby’s positioning at the breast

Wear loose fitting clothes and check your bra is not too tight. Apply warmth to the sore spot by having a shower, or using a wheat bag or hot water bottle.

Massage the breast from sore part down towards the nipple to encourage it to drain. Get plenty of rest.


If you have a sore or red area on your breast and also have a temperature, or feel like you have the flu, with a headache and an aching body, you may have a breast infection.

You can continue breastfeeding your baby as he / she will not be affected and feeding helps to clear the infection much more quickly.

Go to bed and rest.

Feed the baby 2 hourly or as often as it will on the affected side to keep it drained

Take panadol 4 hourly

Take Vitamin C 1000mgs 4 hourly

Heat and massage to the sore breast - lots

Drink lots of water

Homeopathic for mastitis is phytolacca 200C up to three times a day. Lecithin 1200mg tabs 1-3 capsules a day may help with mastitis.

If there is no improvement in your temperature after 12 – 18 hours then you need antibiotics and should contact your midwife if she is still seeing you or see your GP.


Sometimes an infection can develop into an abscess. This will need to be opened and drained surgically. The symptoms are of a low grade temperature and a sore breast that is not clearing with antibiotics.


Feed the baby as often as it demands

Try super switching – change breasts every ten minutes to encourage lots of let downs.

Try breast compression – your midwife will show you how

Rest – Leisurely Ladies Lactate Longer

Drink lots of water

Brewers Yeast Powder – take a teaspoon morning and night (lots of B Vitamins)

Lactation AOK from a health shop

Blessed thistle drops from a health shop

Mothers milk from a health shop Lactagogue tea Prunus elixir


This usually occurs around dinner time and can last 4 – 6 hours. The baby is grizzly and wont settle to sleep but may cat nap for half an hour or so.


Baby wants to feed a lot and Mum feels that there is not enough milk and blames this for baby not settling.

When the milk volume is low baby is getting high fat (different from the watery milk that satisfies their thirst) and this is what makes them feel full so that once they do settle it is usually for some time. This unsettled time is not usually caused by wind. When baby has wind (s)he will latch on and suck, but pull off once a let down happens as the sucking helps their stomach but they aren’t hungry.

So if your baby feeds it is hungry. The cluster feeding helps reduce the risk of Mum getting blocked ducts and / or mastitis as baby drains the ducts well during this time and clears any blockages.

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