The Fathers Role

Suggestions for your birthing support person

  • The pain of childbirth is unique to each woman, allow her to cope in her own way.

  • There is no doubt that strong emotional and practical support in labour enhances the woman's confidence levels when in labour.

  • Create a positive atmosphere. Be calm yourself. Look after your own needs too by eating, drinking, and taking a break.

  • Take care of her needs in labour. Help her to change position, keep her cool. Get her to a drink of water and remind her to go to the toilet every hour. Get her what she wants!

  • If she wants you in the shower with her, put your togs on!

  • Keep up her morale. Remind her how wonderful she is and that she is doing well. Be positive, be strong, and be loving.

  • Help her relax. Remind her to loosen head, face, jaw, neck arms, legs and feet. Rest and relax between contractions.

  • Some women can't bear to be touched in labour; others enjoy having a massage, some just want you to be there and do nothing!

  • Help her to concentrate on her breathing. Breathe with her if you need to.

  • Act as a physical support. She may need you to put your arm around her or support her when she squats or stands.

  • Give her a relaxing back, hand or foot massage. Practice this whilst she is pregnant.

  • Act as her advocate. Interpret her wishes to the LMC.

  • Praise her efforts. Encouragement is more important than sympathy. Don't underestimate the valuable part that you can play in helping her through labour.

  • Keep the room dark and quiet. Follow the woman's lead. If she is chattering then you can but if she is quiet then she is working hard and you should also be quiet.


Changing Relationship
Parenthood brings changes in your lifestyle and your relationship with your partner.  The mother is very focused on caring for your newborn and is adjusting herself to physical and emotional changes.

Dad shouldn't feel “left out” or rejected!

Talk to your partner; let her know how you feel. “Bonding is just as important for fathers.

Be involved with the care of your baby by: 

  • Nappy changing 

  • Bathing / shower 

  • Cuddling and comforting baby 

  • Putting baby to bed 

  • Talking, singing and reading to baby 

  • Taking a general interest and being involved 

  • Taking baby for a walk in the stroller


Fathers are Important ♥

Babies recognise the voice of their fathers from the womb and love to hear that voice.

Skin to skin contact with dads helps develop the relationship between infant and father.

Dads are great settlers of babies.

Early bonding will help with a lifetime of Love and Fun.

Check out this great website for fathers, aptly named www.greatfathers.org.nz

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