Free, Confidential Pregnancy Testing

Partners in Pregnancy offer free pregnancy tests. Please call into our clinic during opening hours and ask our lovely reception ladies, Azaria or Marj for some.

Feel free to do the test at the clinic or take it home with you and do it there.

This is all very confidential – talk with Azaria or Marj and they will help you out.

Folic Acid Reminder - to help prevent Neural Tube Defects (including Spina Bifida)

Remember if you are planning to achieve a pregnancy the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MoH) recommendation is to take folic acid 4 - 12 weeks prior to conception.

"If you find you are pregnant during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, you should take the tablet from that point until the end of week 12. The recommended registered tablet can be purchased at pharmacies, (or at a lower cost, when prescribed by your doctor or midwife)."

Source NZ Ministry of Health Folic Acid and Iodine in Pregnancy brochure