Planning to Birth in Hospital

Suggested list of things to bring into the Maternity Unit with you:

For Mother

  • Day wear – comfortable day clothes

  • Night wear (light material)

  • Toilet gear (including soap)

  • Dressing gown

  • Slippers / sandals / jandals

  • Maternity Bra's – at least 2 (fitted around 34 weeks)

  • Breast pads

  • Under wear (cotton material preferred)

  • Pen and watch or clock

  • Fruit / biscuits / snacks

  • Own pillow

  • Coffee cup

For Baby

  • Singlet

  • Nappies

  • Gown or stretch n grow

  • Cardigan

  • Bootees

  • Bonnet / Helmet

  • Cuddly rug / blanket / shawl

  • Car seat. When travelling by car, baby needs to be in a car seat, safely strapped in place. A hiring service is available from the Plunket Society or Baby Factory.


Going to Hospital

When you are in established labour you should contact your midwife and the decision about when to go to the hospital is made between you. Your midwife will contact the labour ward staff to let them know you will be arriving and they will prepare a room for you. Your midwife will meet you there.

Go to the main maternity entrance, David Street. The doors are locked between the hours of 9pm and 6.30am. If you are being admitted between these hours you will need to use the intercom to get the operators to open the doors - they will be expecting you.

Make your way to the labour ward and the staff will show you to your room and check if you need anything while you are waiting for your midwife to arrive.

The stage you are at in your labour will determine what happens on admission. You may be weighed, have your blood pressure taken, baby's heart beat listened to, and possibly an internal examination so your midwife can determine the stage of labour you are at.

Your midwife will stay with you when you are in established (active) labour until two hours after the baby is born. If your labour is long and she feels the need for a break she will ask the hospital midwives to take over your care.

Bring your birth plan and your maternity notes with you into hospital.


General Information


  • “Rooming In” is encouraged (baby with Mum at all times)

  • A food trolley comes around the ward at approx 10am weekdays with snacks to buy

  • The hospital cafe can be used by you and your family 

  • Meal menus are completed on the postnatal ward and special diets are catered for 

  • The Whaiora is available for your family 

  • For security reasons do not let anyone take you baby for tests without your consent and you should accompany them

  • Visiting for Partners and other children is any time from 7am until 10pm. For all other visitors 2pm – 8pm. Fathers are not able to stay the night in the ward except in special circumstances. 

  • There is an expected length of stay of 48 hours in postnatal, though there are exceptions to this


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