Our professional midwife team here at Partners in Pregnancy have created the resources below to help you and your birth support partner learn more about labour and birth.

Labour Stages

The three stages of labour

Pain Relief Options
Understanding positive pain and self help pain relied techniques

Third Stage of Labour Choices
Options for delivering the whenua/placenta

Hospital Birth
What to take to hospital and what to expect

Unplanned or Unattended Home Birth
Stay calm and see our instructions for the mother and her Support Person

Optimal Fetal Positioning
Ways to help baby be in the  ideal position for birth - and things to avoid!

Fathers Role

Fathers are important ♥

Alternative Remedies - Use in pregnancy and labour
Homeopathy, herbal remedies, acupuncture, acupressure and aromatherapy

Perineal Massage
External and internal massage to help prepare your perineum for childbirth






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