- after baby arrives


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Coping with a Crying Baby - Power to Protect

Your Newborn Baby's Blood Test
Source: Ministry of Health New Zealand) - revised October 2017

Postnatal Depression resources
- symptoms, treatment, how to support a mother with PND, stories from other mothers who had PND
(Source PADA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression NZ))

Contraception - Your Choice
(Source: New Zealand Family Planning, see familyplanning.org.nz)

Alcohol and Pregnancy (and breastfeeding)
(Source: NZ Ministry of Health)

Childhood Immunisation
Source NZ Ministry of Health) - revised June 2020

National Immunisation Schedule
(Source NZ Ministry of Health) - revised June 2020

Vitamin K Injection 

Keep Your Baby Safe During Sleep
(Source: NZ Ministry of Health) - revised May 2020

Safe Sleep for Babies
(Source: University of Auckland, Faculty of Medical and Health Services)

Newborn Hearing Screening
(Source: Ministry of Health) - revised January 2015

Newborn Hearing Screen Results
(Source: Ministry of Health) - revised May 2015

Whooping Cough
(Source Immunisation Advisory Centre, Auckland University)

Slap Cheek Virus

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease