Thrush, Inverted Nipples
& Engorgment


If your nipples suddenly become sore and itchy when you have been feeding it may be thrush. This can be treated effectively with an antifungal cream. Babies can also get thrush in their mouths, which appears as white on their tongues and gums or in the nappy area where it appears as a red spotty rash. Your midwife can prescribe an antifungal treatment for this.



True inverted nipples are rare. Flat nipples can be encouraged to come out with the use of nipple formers or breast shells worn in the last few weeks of pregnancy.Also expressing prior to latching baby at the breast can bring the nipple out. Baby does not feed from the nipple therefore you can still successfully breast feed even if you have flat nipples.

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Breasts feel hard, sore and enormous.

It may make it more difficult to latch the baby because of the change in the breast. It does not last more than 48 hours usually as it is the initial reaction to the production of milk and the increased blood supply.

The relief of engorgement is helped by demand feeding and feeling more often. Warm flannels, gentle hand expression (just for comfort as if stimulated too much may compound the problem), iced naps (baby’s nappy sprinkled with water and placed in the freezer). Panadol can also be taken 4 hourly.

Within a few days the breasts adjust to their new job


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